UP Shakes Toga Party!

September 2

8 PM – 10 PM

Blackrocks Brewery

Upper Peninsula Shakespeare Festival (and its red headed stepchild Wolf’s Head Theater Company) invites any and all to celebrate with the local artists who have contributed to our growth within the vibrant community of Marquette’s local theater scene.

Actors, singers, dancers, comedians, and volunteers will gather at Blackrocks Brewery on September 2nd, 2018 to initiate a new ritual. We will lift voices, bodies, and, of course, cups to what has been achieved over the recent years and, more importantly, to our larger ambitions.

Upshakes endeavors to become not just a creator of unique and engaging theater but to expand our influence to include true community service. To do that we need not just your attention but your support.

If you believe that theater has the power to change hearts and minds, to enlighten and enliven not just your evenings but also the lives of those currently neglected by our culture of complacency, then please come listen to our plans as well as our jokes; hear our ideals as well as our voices; see our dedication as well as our comely faces.

In the coming seasons we hope to entertain with an increased sense of purpose. We will play to those who have free evenings and free cash, yes, but also to those who would not otherwise have an opportunity to be inspired by live theater. This includes programs to bring inspiration, awareness, and stories of humanity to all people, particularly the neglected, wherever they may be hidden. Some are hidden on the reservations where we corralled our first people, some are hidden in prisons, some are hidden in plain sight among us in the city. All deserve to hear stories of triumph and tribulation.

None of them will be served without your enthusiasm and support. So…

Come laugh with us! Come drink with us! Come and see what we can do for you and, more importantly, what you can do to help us make our chaotic world more comprehensible and enjoyable for all…

… And dick jokes!