Opening in October …

Quills Poster.jpeg

In October 2019, Wolf’s Head howls back to the Ore Dock Brewing Company to take a bite out of the delectable, seductive horror cartoon of Quills by Doug Wright.  Sinfully sensational and eccentrically perverse, our tale immerses you into the middle of Charenton Insane Asylum circa 19th Century France- your bunkmate? The infamous writer, the Marquis de Sade, imprisoned for the rest of his life for “unmentionable activities”. The triangular battle of wills between the Marquis and two men of differing treatment plans/opinions will leave you disturbed, sidesplitted, exhilarated and questioning.  

*Meant for mature audiences only, and will feature male nudity, adult language, situations, and themes. Only those over 18 will be admitted.

*Immediately following every performance we will be holding talk-back sessions. These are an opportunity to engage in dialogue and discussion with cast members, the creative team as well as other audience members.

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