Tom Laitinen as Macbeth. Photo by Lonnie Markham.

Tom Laitinen as Macbeth. Photo by Lonnie Markham.


"Something wicked this way comes…" - The Witch, Macbeth.

In the fall of 2015, Upper Peninsula Shakespeare Festival officially moved into their new home—The Ore Dock Brewing Company.

Macbeth is Shakespeare’s story of a loving marriage and towering ambition leading to murder and betrayal. Written around 1606, Macbeth contains themes for all time, especially relevant in our modern tumultuous political climate where power is everything.


  • Macbeth: Thomas Laitinen

  • Lady Macbeth: Jessica “Red” Bays

  • Macduff: Jonas Greenberg

  • Lady Macduff/Witch: Ella Bartlett Filipowicz

  • Banquo: Brian McDonald

  • Malcolm: Mary Wardell

  • Porter/Witch: John Sarkela

  • Donalbain/Murderer: Jacob Laitinen

  • Duncan/Murderer: Christopher Scott Leith

  • Fleance/Witch: Endla Harris

  • Ross/Servant: Elise Wixtrom


  • Director: Jamie Weeder

  • Violence: Thomas Laitinen

  • Stage Manager: Rachael Tillison