Alastar Dimitrie as Ariel. Photo by Jamie Weeder.

Alastar Dimitrie as Ariel. Photo by Jamie Weeder.

The Tempest

“… but remember, for that’s my business to you.” - Ariel, The Tempest.

William Shakespeare’s final play, The Tempest, was Upper Peninsula Shakespeare Festival’s inaugural production in the summer of 2015. Staged at the Presque Isle Bandshell, The Tempest was a journey of magic, fate and redemption (revenge?).

Although the setting at Marquette’s Presque Isle Bandshell was beautiful and picturesque (and the weather was perfect), the roaring of the nearby freighters at the ore dock as they loaded their taconite pellets proved to be somewhat problematic to our acoustics.

Nevertheless, the production was wildly successful and cohesive—an excellent introduction to a beautiful relationship with Marquette.

After this production, we moved indoors—to the Ore Dock Brewing Company—the quieter Ore Dock.


  • Prospero: Steven O’Brien*

  • Ariel: Alastar Dimitrie

  • Miranda: Melissa Neal

  • Caliban: Christopher Scott Leith

  • Ferdinand: Patrick Bradley

  • Alonso: Joshua Todd Thatcher

  • Gonzalo: Chet Defonso

  • Antonio: Jonas Greenberg

  • Sebastian: Brian McDonald

  • Trinculo: Taggart Bradley

  • Stephano: Zach Hendrickson

    * indicates a member of the Actors Equity Association


  • Director: Jamie Weeder

  • Sound: Mary Wardell